I have a large silver lace vine growing through my bearded dragon enclosure

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Very much so.  If your pets consume any of the vine, leaves included, even the smallest nibble, they will die is quite a bit of pain.  Silver Lace Vine has the same effect on animals as Rat Poinson on humans!  Its best that you place a fence around trhis plant, one that is tall enough to ensure that your pets cannot jump it, for their safety.  By the way, the Department of Defense, used grinded up Silver Lace juice in the Viet Nam War, with great sucecss. -Birdy
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Have had squirrels and ghers ear mine. Animals are fine but killed  giant 10 year old plant  is not on poisonous plant list of tje ASPCA

Polygonum aubertii also known as the Chinese fleecevine, has proved to be toxic in Washington State, and is still on the watch list for the state, you can find it here:  http://www.nwcb.wa.gov/detail.asp?weed=166, now if, indeed you searched all over the net, you should have seen this article:

 On Sep 17, 2015, sauny from New Straitsville, OH wrote:

"very negative experience! Although I did not plant this vine which is also known by Polygonum aubertii , I discovered it growing rampantly on my land. By "it", I mean HUNDREDS of them. No one should ever plant this, unless of course they live in western China, where it is native. Foreign plants, such as this, are harming our native animals, that that have evolved to eat our native plants. Please do not plant this invasive alien specie here in America."

And that can be found here: http://davesgarden.com/guides/pf/go/57174/

And this is what is does to animals, once ingested:

Oxalates: The juice or sap of these plants contains oxalate crystals. These needle-shaped crystals can irritate the skin, mouth, tongue, and throat, resulting in throat swelling, breathing difficulties, burning pain, and stomach upset.  Remember that it must be ingested, in other words 'eaten and digested by the animal' for the poisonous parts show the true nature.  And by the way, the most poisonous part of the plant is the oot system, not the vine, nor the leaves.

I personally know this: I hade a cat named Niki, she was 3yrs old, and she ate some of the laves with no ill effects, but after eating a root, she died within hours of consumption.

It's a very pretty plant, indeed, and eating it by animals will cause nothing more than gas, but eating the roots will cause death, period. Nothing more needs to be said, other than neglected to put that in my response.




by Master Gardner (32.9k points)
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