i gathered water dripping  from my window a/c unit to water my house plants  will that kill them my wife is upset about my using it  please advise me

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4 Answers

Crap! forgot my email, sorry about that!

I'm not a 100% sure, but I have used AC water to cool the root systems, (Pots) on a very hot tar/rock roof, I'm 90% sure the water was getting into the plant on windy days, it didn't seem to hurt them.  All though the water over time does have scale, or calcium type build up, over long periods of time.  My tomatoes turned out fine, I got 30 or 40 out of the plant.  I did fertilize them regularly

Let me know, if someone knows for sure, I may try it myself.  I work around very large units and have contemplated this question myself.
Would be interesting to run a test on the a/c water
I am bran new at this sight.  Look, I would need T.D.S./M.S. meters, P.H. meters, soil Chemisty set, and a analisis of the water sample.  I can do all this, but I don't have the equipment.  I am a self studied Engineer, and a ground keeper for a Ramada Hotel.  I did the the project for myself.  This place does not equipt me, and does not pay me nearly what I am worth.  I will pass on to you what I know from experience.  I cant even see the reply here!  "Would be interesting to run a test on the a/c water?"  I would love to, if someone could equipt me...  I am very experienced in water, from Reverse Osmosis, to Hydroponics.  From Clorine, to Bactera colonies.  I will test this the old fashond way, for you.  I will water several plants in the yard with strictly a/c water.  If someone will equipt me, I will show you the world.

[email protected]     Private e-mails welcome.  I have several private plants, "FOOD FROM GOD" under construction now!


Chlorine 0 of course; PH is below pool scale, I figure 6.8, (plants like 6.8 to 7.2) Alkalinity 0; Calcium 0; I don’t have a T.D.S. meter/MS; The basic Pool figures is = to Distilled Water.  (Be sure to allow this water to warm to room Temp befor watering plants; root shock is possible!)  This water would be very good for Hydroponics/ Aquariums, where salts MS readings are measured.  This would save on R.O. costs.

     Until I conceived this Experiment, I had not noticed, AC units had been dripping upon the concrete pots of our Bulgongias in front of our buildings for years.  That plant is the healthiest of the entire line.  Cool, I had never even noticed 'why'.  The water was wormed in the troths, that carried the water out, the single header!  I built my own warmer, that fed to cool the roots/pots.

     I will say with 100% certainty, YES, warm the Condensed water, WATER YOUR PLANTS WITH A/C WATER.  {FERTILIZE REGULARLY}!

     I still believe, if you can not eat it, why waste my time.  I have to say, 'It is my Job.'
     AHUM'M'@ (a humble 'M'essenger)



My final statement, with two drops of Clorine per Gallon, the "Zombie Survivors" will drink this water too. Moringa Seeds purified too...  FOOD FROM GOD.


[email protected]


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