I had my green tomatos examined by a Cornell Extension service and they thought that Crows or other birds were destroying them.  There are huge holes in them and usually still on the plant when I find them.  4 ft off the ground.  I'm never going to get any tomatos this summer.  I tried Bonide Repels All but it didn't work.  Does anyone have any other suggestions how I can stop these birds before it's too late ?

Thanks much in advance.


Lisa M. Koch

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4 Answers

I am listing things that other people have used to repel those crows.  mylar flash tape, reflective eye diverters, bird chaser super sonic, deer netting..................the reflectiv eye diverters look like a suspended yellow ball with a dark eye on 2 sides...........
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Hi Retiredladie:


Thank you so much for your good ideas in repeling crows !  I like the one with the big eye in the round ball.  I forgot that was available.  I haven't seen it in awhile.  I will try these ideas.

The Best to you.


Lisa M. Koch
You can make that ball....spray one yellow and put a big dot on it.....hang it from a string................
Today, I received a different book in the mail and they have something new just for birds permanent and maintenance free way motion activated ultrasonic waterproof adjustible operates on 2 c batteries or ac adapter included ....called Balcony Guard 79.99 can be secured anywhere outside. humane way to keep birds away in catalog called Whatever Works.com    some other company might have something different.
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Hi RetiredLadie:

Thanks again for thinking of me !  Those would be very costly tomatos if I purchased that gadget but I will certainly look into it out of curiosity !  Sounds like an interesting catalog.  Someone else suggested I use an artificial snake but that would be difficult to keep it on top of the tomatos.  I've heard that crows are very intelligent and figure out what's real and what's not.

I like your sign in name !

Thanks again.

Lisa M. Koch
what about netting, or a senor that works on a hose that sprays water, we give them bones over in the other field away from the house........we have soap hanging up in the garden.....we also have one of those shiney ball that sits on top of a stand.  What about a clothes line above the tomatoes with caution tape cut and hang it up with clothes pins....that will move with the air....might look funny but they don't go into our 2nd garden either.
the snake would need to be visible on the ground.............if your ground is brown or you have a black cover you would need something light to put it on....or what about using aluminum foil in some area....they don't like reflection.  I have one of those shiny gazing balls outside on my side because would scream and wake me up at early light..........they do not come anywhere near it................
some lawn & garden stores have that black netting on clearance...................

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