The pod obviously had 3 lobes or compartments, and was about 25 mm long.  I don't know its original color, but dried it is now light gray brown on the outside, and milky light brown on the inside of the compartments with very slight splashes of red-orange.  There is a 1cm stem remnant.  As it developed, it is apparent the pod's lobes "unzipped" from one another across their bottom leaving 3 zippers about 2.5mm wide and 15mm long each, flaring away from one another, and resulting in each pod splitting apart down its central seam.

The seeds were obviously stacked inside the compartments, and vary in shape, are light black, dull as opposed to shiny, slightly wrinkled, tissue paper thin, and have a barely persceptible oblong core section within them that is visible when held up to a bright light.  No real seed core can be felt, though some wrinkles follow that core line.  They are generally 16 to 20 mm across their longest part and 13mm wide, but as mentioned their shape varies;  a consistency among their shape is that one "end", as such, is at least slightly pointed, probably where the seed attached within the pod.

I have a photo, but this site apparently won't allow its inclusion.

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