I have a mature plum tree that appears to be dying. We have removed several branches. It only produced a couple of fruit this year. The remaining branches have cracked bark. We live in Lake Forest California & the tree gets full sun all day. It is watered (via sprinklers) 5 days a week for 10 minute intervals. 

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2 Answers

Sounds like it might have been hit by lightening.  I would wait until the fall to trim it.  Most trimming is done in the sping.  If you hit green wood it is still alive.  Also use dormant oil for the fall.  follow the directions on the container.  And when you trim you tree spray the ends remaining on the tree with spray paint to prevent bugs from entering.  Anytime spraying a tree of that size, you need to be protected with goggles, long sleeves pants & top and face mask & gloves.  Also clean off the hand saw when you cut the branches so you do not spread anything to another tree.
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Sound like sunscald, sorry for the late reply. Watering wrong as well, water less frequently and more when you do, if the soil is still wet, dont need to add more water. Very commom problem, expecily in cal, where you may have water restrictions. Get a water audit done. They will tell you how much to water.

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