I have been told that wild geranium will do well in my shady back yard.  Is there a difference between wild geranium and the "tame" ones with the big pink or red blossoms?

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The plants that are commonly referred to as geraniums, the ones with large pink, red, or white blossoms, are actually pelargoniums.  I believe the "wild" geraniums you mention are actually cranesbill geraniums.  There are lots of varieties of cranesbills.  They have, lots of small two-inch single flowers and come in white, purple, blue, pink, and magenta.  They grow fast, have a long bloom time, and do well in shady conditions.
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question for hanging geraniums and new buds form and when half open they dry up.  suggestions - I fertilize once a month and water 2 to 3x/week.  There are a variety of holes on the leaves and some have a white powder

- cannot see any insects


any words of wisdom?
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I have had geraniums in my flower boxes for years and have never had a problem with yellow leaves before this summer. I think it may have something to do with the Miracle Grow soil with moisture control that I used this season. Do you think it's keeping the roots too wet?
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YES, because blosomm is beuatifull flowere

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The wild one grows a little smaller and starts to come up in the spring outside every year.................The cultivated one is much larger and is an annual in the colder climates.  If you want to save them from the frost, you have to bring them inside.
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Please tell me the qatar trees names because my brother has a homework and it say we need to pick some flowers and trees around us and label them so i don t need any commet for this just help.mail

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