Not sure if it transplants well, zone 3
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Our research indicates that the Candytuft is hardy enough that it should be fine anywhere between zone 3 and 9. As far as transplanting, it is best to do the transplant after blooming is completed in the fall. Here are some general instructions:


1. Choose an area where the candytuft can be exposed to partial shade or full sunlight. Soften the soil to a depth of about 8-10 inches. Add a layer of organic material such as compost over the top of the soil about 2 inches thick and then mix the organic material into the soil below.

2. Water the plant heavily 1 to 2 days before the transplant.  When possible, pick a cool day with little sun to perform the transplant as this will prevent extra stress on the roots.

4. After carefully removing the plant from the pot, replant the candytuft right away if possible. Be sure to be gentle when handling the plant as the stems are fragile easily broken.

5. When dig your hole for the candytuft, be sure it is wide enough to fit the entire root system as well as the remaining soil left on the roots. Roots and attached soil should be placed in the hold so that the top of the roots align approximately with the surrounding ground. Planting too deep may cause rotting of the root system.

6. Place soil around the edges of any exposed roots to cover and close the hole. Press the soil into place but do not compress it too tightly.

7. Water the area at the base of the plant until the roots are saturated.  Watering should be done in this manner approximately once a week unless conditions are very hot or dry. When watering more often, make sure to allow the top to dry between watering to prevent any root rot.

8. Mulch can be used to conserve moisture around the plant as well as to protect it and limit weed growth.
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