I have a Screw Pine Tree in my yard thats loaded with Fruit!i was told the fruit wasn't good for humans to eat by a person thats really never saw a screw Pine Tree till they saw ours but He is known for all his great information on Fruits growning in south Central Fla.I have ask everyone and they don't know but a lot of fruit is just dropping in the grown and we just pick them up before the ants and other bugs get to them !

Then a friend from Palm Beach came up to see us and said I know you are enjoying your Screw Pine Fruit,my parents always ate them when they were alive but as for me I just a pickie eaterand didn't like them but most of my family would clean your Tree off but then they were reminded you must waite till the fruit dropps drom the tree!

Can you tell me is it safe to eat this fruit?kindest Regards,Ellen Futrell

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2 Answers

Screw pine


Screw pine
Pandanus species

Description: The screw pine is a strange plant on stilts, or prop roots, that support the plant above-ground so that it appears more or less suspended in midair. These plants are either shrubby or treelike, 3 to 9 meters tall, with stiff leaves having sawlike edges. The fruits are large, roughened balls resembling pineapples, but without the tuft of leaves at the end.

Habitat and Distribution: The screw pine is a tropical plant that grows in rain forests and semievergreen seasonal forests. It is found mainly along seashores, although certain kinds occur inland for some distance, from Madagascar to southern Asia and the islands of the southwestern Pacific. There are about 180 types.

Edible Parts: Knock the ripe fruit to the ground to separate the fruit segments from the hard outer covering. Chew the inner fleshy part. Cook fruit that is not fully ripe in an earth oven. Before cooking, wrap the whole fruit in banana leaves, breadfruit leaves, or any other suitable thick, leathery leaves. After cooking for about 2 hours, you can chew fruit segments like ripe fruit. Green fruit is inedible.

Yes it is edible but if it is unripe or small then it should taste bitter.



(btw I love it)

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