I hav ants nesting around berry plants.

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5 Answers

One effective way to get rid of ants is to boil a pot of water and pour it on top of the ant hill.  That usually will solve your problem.
I have had success with mixing one part icing sugar and one part borax, then leaving it in a container with holes in it, so the ants can get in.  I was told that they take it back to the nest and it would kill the nest.
Diatomatious earth.  It is incredible and is not a chemical poison.  It made up of diatoms or microscopic sea creature shells.  The shells are like tiny knives for insects and is especially good at killing ants.  I have even used it to get red of a huge European red ant nest.  It took 3 buckets.  You can buy it at a llfarm feed store or a gorden store.. The feed store sells food grade which you can give to anuimals to get ird of worm etc.
Get a box of Grits and sprinkle all over each ant mound, early morning,and then late evening take waterhose and wet down each mound. The grits will expand and kill the ants, the ones it doesn't will move. Will take several times but they will move on or die. No only is a a safe method, but a lot cheaper than an exterminator!
what do you mean by a box of Grits and where to get it?  I need to get rid of few ant hills in my backyard. Thanks in advance.
1.  Do not use Borax for ant control in lawns and gardens!
Borax will kill the grass where applied, and will kill flowers and shrubs.
Read contents on containers if the ant poison is a white powder, if it contains borax

it only will kill ants if they eat it, but wiil kill all plants to which powder is applied.

2. Household  White Vinegar did not work to kill or discourage ants if used
full strength.  Ants simply walk through the vinegar puddle and out the other side!

3. Cornmeal only works if ants ingest it when mixed with borax.

4.  Cinnamon is not an ant repellant, it does not work on our ants, they walk through it.

5.  I tried boiling water in ant piles in my lawm, even took the sod out first, then poured 3 pails
of boiling water into the about 1 square foot hole in the lawn,  It killed all the ants visible in the hole.
However the next day my grass had turned white around the hole and more ants where back to excavate
new holes in the mud.  I figured out the reason:  Throw 1 shovel full of dirt into a pail full of boiling water,
then you can put your hand in without scalding.  There is a whole back yard full of cool soil where my
ant pile is and 3 pails of boiling water poured into it will be luke warm before the water gets down
to where the ants actually live.

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