Water at least twice a week, it gets roughly two to four hours of sun and I have used all purpose fertilizer. What caused it to wilter? Thank you for your help

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I have a couple of suggestions you migh try.  Rather than just watering your coleus on a schedule, it might help for you to test the dampness of the soil in which they are planted.  Coleus don't like to be soggy but they don't want to be too dry either. Care must be taken not to overwater indoor Coleus, nor should they be allowed to get so dry that the plants wilt.  Another suggestion that might help:  Coleus like a higher level of humidity than most houses have so they benefit from daily misting early in the day.  One more suggestion:  If you have had your coleus in the same pot for an extended period, it may be getting rootbound.  You might try unpotting the plant, loosening the roots, and repotting it in a little larger pot.  Hope this helps!

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These are things I would consider, if the sun actually shinning on the coleus it may be too hot, indirect light for long periods is very successful. Are you frequently moving the plant to different locations, this can be a problem. Does a draft from a ceiling fan, heater vent or such blow in the direction of the plant? You fed it, unfortunately many plants are "well fed" when we purchase them, if you recently bought the plant and fed it immediately or planted it in potting soil containing plant food the plant may be experiencing a fertilizer burn, oops. They are pretty tough, I would take a small healthy limb from the coleus and try to propagate it in potting soil, no direct sunlight,,,,,, Good luck,
It is getting too much water, re-pot. pruning outer roots & only water once a week.  Also, ANY direct sun is too much.
I want to keep the cats from making my flower beds their tolet.  I have sun all around my home and wonder if there is a cleus plant that grows in a sunny location
my colius is loosing all the leaves and is getting leggy. is this becouse it is starting to go dormet for the winter.
Variety are species

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