The whole body, including the six legs, is bright 'safety' orange.  I see practically no web(s)...just a 'stray' web -- single strand -- here and there, and for the duration of seeing the spider/bug (over the last two months), perhaps only a mere 4-5 single-strand webs.  I live in a typically wet/overcast environment (rainforest -- SE Alaska) and when it *is* sunny, they seem to be more active.  But the misty rain doesn't deter activity either.  They dart very fast!  They're not picky about the plants -- seem to be all over.  Don't see more on the underside and definitely no webs.  They don't appear to be feeding on the holes in the leaves or stalks.  I don't believe they're "nesting" in the containers' soil - but I'm not really sure of that...I just know I've only seen them on the plants, not in or on the soil.  Then suddenly today, I've noticed brown spots-n-dots all over the leaves and stalks, and yellowing.  Lots of all that.  I'm new to flower gardening...just this year living in an apt. where I have a small deck -- and I have five window-box containers with a wide variety of flowering plants.  Perhaps my ignorance is showing -- maybe the brown spots-n-dots and the yellowing is just what these plants do when they're spent..."?"  Perhaps...but I still would love to hear any input on the orange spiders.  Very small...pencil lead dot sized...very orange...and when smashed, there's this orange smear...(sorry for the graphic).  Any input would be appreciated...  Thank you.

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