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2 Answers

Skunks are attracted to a place for a number of reasons.  Some of the most common are the following: 

Unprotected garbage. When you transfer your trash outside for pickup, store it in heavy duty metal or plastic trash cans with lids that will stay on even if the can is knocked over. Never place unprotected bags out on the curb.

Skunks love grubs! Grubs are beetle larva that live underneath of your lawn. Skunks are known for digging small holes in yards as they hunt for them.

Never leave unprotected animal food outside at night.  Skunks love to feast on food left out for your dog or cat.

If you have bushes or trees that bear fruits, nuts, or berries you should be sure to clean them up daily, as skunks find a feast in fruit that has fallen to the ground.

Other common attractions for skunks are waste such as bones, egg shells, etc., that has been placed in a compost pit, and seeds that have dropped from your bird feeder.

Making sure all of these "skunk attractants" have been removed should make your yard much less attractive as a home for skunks.

Use some pepper spray on the bottoms of trees or other objects in your yard, seal off under your porch, deck or shed, store you wood in a closed shed.  They don't light bright lights.  Use an enclosed compost bin.  They don't like ammonia soaked rags.  Try lemon or orange peels chopped up and spread where they go.  They do eat small mice, you will never see a rat or mouse where they travel.  They also eat other bugs.  Do you grub control at the correct rate.  They are scavengers.  They will eat your ripe veggies growing in your garden.  So pick anything that is ripe before they come and eat it.  They LOVE grapes, and other fruit.

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