i have a few over ripened strawberries, and thought it would be a good idea to grow them instead of disposing
however, ive never done planting before, so i need some help!

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3 Answers

It's unlikely that planting th starwberry will yield any results; most plants on the market nowadays are hybrid, & any seeds you might get from them will either be sterile or the strawberries won't be the same quality. That's not to say you couldn't try however, but I wouldn't expect too much. I think you should try finding 'heirloom' starwberry seeds. The berries probably won't get that big, but any seeds that you can harvest will definitely grow. Hope this helps

By no means an expert in horticulture but I do not believe that what you intend to do is

possible.  Strawberry plants (at least those with which I am familiar) send out runners.

These will spontaneously start new plants and the problem generally becomes

thinning these out because a bed gets too crowded.  They may be clipped and

transplanted but I'm not sure what is the best time for this.  My guess, however, would

be after the parent has fruited.  Then clip and transplant, disturbing the new root

system as little as is humanly possible and assuring that the transplant is watered well intiailly and continually thereafter until it gibves evidence of survivability.

A bird planted a seed in a small garden plot by the front entrance to our home.

we  got maybe a handfull of berries the next season, 2nd yr got maybe 2qts.

3rd yr yeild = 2-3qts but small critters got most of those.  THIS season - lots of rain cool spring temps.15 to 20 qts. or more.  We couldn't eat them fast enough.  The small critters didn't seem to target them either.  Perhaps the rains produced similar abundance in more preferred food resources.

The only effort we actively put in to the strawberries was to pick them.  They did fine on their own - no fertilizers at all.

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